Suzy reveals unrivaled “princess beauty” in “hime cut” hairstyle

On March 11th, singer and actress Suzy updated a picture on her own social media channel.


In the published photo, Suzy can be seen wearing light makeup while adorning a white outfit and showing off her innocent charm. At the same time, her delicate gaze did not fail to flutter fans’ hearts. 

On top of her innocent vibes, Suzy also appeared in a “hime cut”, which perfectly accentuates the idol-actress’ “princess-like beauty”. There’s just a deep elegance deeply embedded within Suzy, and no matter how simple her appearance, she resembles a classy princess. 


On the other hand, Suzy appeared in the Coupang Play’s original series “Anna” last year. “Anna”, which is hailed as Suzy’s best acting performance, is a work that depicts the story of a woman who starts living a completely different person’s life, starting with a trivial lie.

Source: Nate

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