Jang Won-young Amazed Fans With Her Pretty Face Without Makeup, “It’s My Baby Face”

IVE’s Jang Won-young showed her beautiful visual with bare face

On December 20th, IVE’s official YouTube channel uploaded a new video titled “[IVE OFF] Let’s go buy some Japanese snacks and try Shinkansen for the first time!”.

Jang Won-young looked at the camera and said, “I turned on the camera because it’s IVE’s first time on shinkansen”. She shared, “We did the fan signing event in Osaka so now we’re going back to Yokohama. I washed my face after the schedule so I’m not wearing any makeup right now”, revealing her clean bare face. She added, “It’s my baby face”.

Jang Won-young then turned to Leeseo, who was sitting next to her, and said, “Leeseo, why don’t you say hi?”, adding “Leeseo is sitting next to me”. Conducting a short interview with Leeseo, Jang Won-young asked, “Is this your first time riding shinkansen?”. In response, Leeseo said, “It’s my first time. It’s so fast and comfortable”.

Meanwhile, IVE celebrated their 2nd debut anniversary on December 1st. Captivating the public with their confident charms, IVE continued to prove themselves as an unrivaled girl group by showcasing various images through their albums “I’ve IVE” and “I’VE MINE” this year.

Source: Naver

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