Nancy showed up for the first time with green hair, even non-fans have to admit her goddess beauty

The photos of Nancy (Momoland) appearing at the airport have amazed many fans, because her goddess beauty shines so brightly.

In the morning of June 13th, after finishing her schedule, “the fancam goddess of the new generation” showed off her stunning, gorgeous and energetic look at Gimpo airport, Korea. The Momoland member attracted the media and public with her green hair.
Wearing simple and comfortable outfits, Nancy still stood out thanks to her pure beauty. Her simple but eye-catching outfits have been approved by many fans. Nancy didn’t wear sunglasses like other idols, and she passionately waved to the fans at the airport. Her natural beautiful face made everyone feel that she was really friendly and down-to-earth.
No matter which hair color she applies, Nancy is always pretty. And her green hair this time adds up to her attractive appearance, making her white skin more outstanding. What do you think about Nancy’s new hair color?

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