IU & Park Seo Joon’s new film “Dream” topped box office a day after premiere, drawing mixed reviews

The new movie “Dream” by director Lee Byeong Heon of “Extreme Job” has finally been released in theaters.

According to the data released by the Korean Film Council on April 27th, “Dream”, released the previous day (April 26th), has surpassed 100,000 cumulative viewers.


The movie showed its extraordinary strength and popularity by achieving 1st place in the daily box office rankings, as soon as it began to be screened in cinemas.

Apart from being directed by PD Lee Byeong Heon, “Dream” has aroused keen interest and created hot topics since before its release as it stars actors Park Seo Joon and IU, who are known for their solid and impressive acting skills.

Many cinemagoers who already watched “Dream” posted reviews and ratings in the rating section on the movie’s Naver page, drawing keen attention from netizens.


One viewer gave a rating of 10 out of 10 stars, saying “Truly amazing and touching. It’s entertaining and the direction and story are well done. I recommend it.

In addition, many other viewers expressed reactions such as “It was even more touching because it’s based on a true story,” and “There were no forced or dragging parts, and Director Lee Byung Heon’s unique style was also enjoyable.”


However, there were also those who left reviews such as “It was good until about halfway, but I was disappointed from the overseas scenes onwards,” “Extreme Job was entertaining, but Dream fell short,” and “There were too many bad parts, such as the sentimentalism and forced humor.

As of 10 a.m. KST on April 27th, the Naver audience rating for the “Dream” is 8.54 out of 10.

“Dream” was produced based on the Homeless World Cup held in Brazil in 2010. Park Seo Joon plays Hong Dae, the soccer team’s second-in-command, and IU took on the role as the documentary PD, So Min, who films the game.

Source: insight. 

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