IU amazes everyone by selling Fan Concert tickets much cheaper than other K-pop concerts

Netizens were surprised to find out that IU’s Fan Concert tickets are cheaper than that of other concerts.

On August 22nd, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment announced, “IU will hold the ‘2023 IU Fan Concert I+UN1VER5E’ at KSPO DOME in Seoul on the 23rd and 24th of September”.

The agency added, “This fan concert is expected to be a meaningful event for the artist and fans, who have been by each other’s side and strengthened a strong friendship for 15 years”.

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The name “I+UN1VER5E” means every moment of yesterday, today, and tomorrow of IU and UAENA (IU’s fandom). In particular, the letter “I” and “S” in “universe” are replaced by numbers 1 and 5 to commemorate IU’s 15th debut anniversary.

Since this is IU’s first Fan Concert, it is expected to have a unique atmosphere between a fanmeeting and a concert. Moreover, IU will share various stories with UAENA and talk about their future together. It is said that IU will once again directly participate in preparing her Fan Concert, from presenting ideas to planning the stages.

Right after the news of IU’s Fan Concert was reported, netizens showed keen interest in ticket prices. 

The price of an idol concert ticket has recently risen to around 200,000 won. Therefore, fans are pouring out complaints. 


All seats for SEVENTEEN’s world tour concert “BE THE SUN IN SEOUL” held at Gocheok Sky Dome in June were sold at 132,000 each. 

LE SSERAFIM’s concert “FLAME RISES IN SEOUL” at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium earlier on the 12th and 13th of August set the ticket prices at 198,000 won for a VIP seat and 154,000 won for a general seat. After adding ticket fees and delivery fees, a VIP seat at LE SSERAFIM’s concert actually cost more than 200,000 won.

However, IU set different prices for her Fan Concert tickets and even separated the tickets into pre-sale and general sale categories.


In particular, the best seats cost 88,000 won each, and seats with restricted views are around 66,000 won each. The prices are much lower than the average price of tickets for K-pop singers’ concerts.

Netizens are very amazed by the fact that IU shows extraordinary consideration for her fans by differentiating the prices between pre-sale and general sales and offering a concert experience at such reasonable prices. In response to this, fans are feeling very touched and pouring compliments on IU. 

Meanwhile, presale for IU’s Fan Concert will be conducted from 8 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. on September 4th through Melon Ticket. General sales will open from the 6th to the 21st.

Source: Insight

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