ITZY received a lot of praise for covering TWICE’s summer hit

ITZY has once again strengthened the image of an all-rounder in the eyes of Korean netizens when singing TWICE’s song.

ITZY recently made a comeback with the mini-album “GUESS WHO” and the title track “Mafia In The Morning“.  And as part of their promotions, ITZY appeared on SBS’s new variety show “TikitaCAR” on May 2 and shared various interesting stories.

In this episode, Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – one of the show’s MCs, pointed out that ITZY and TWICE are two girl groups under JYP Entertainment.  The male idol also added, “I think there will be some TWICE members that you are especially close to.”

To this question, Chaeryeong replied: “Yes, we went out with TWICE sunbae sometime and I often text Jeongyeon sunbaenim on KakaoTalk. We often ask each other about the situation recently.  She is also the one who listens to me every time I share my own problems and even tell me to try hard ”.

Yeji agreed, “Jihyo sunbaenim also sent us gifts on the members’ birthdays”, while Lia added, “Yes, she always contacted us on birthdays or similar occasions”.

 When MC Kim Gura asked if there are any TWICE songs they particularly love, Yuna enthusiastically replied, “Dance the Night Away”.  At the request of the MCs, ITZY members performed live TWICE’s summer hit on “TikitaCAR”.

After the latest episode of “TikitaCAR” aired, ITZY’s cover of “Dance the Night Away” became a hot topic on online forums in Korea.  Many compliments have been left.  Korean netizens said that the JYP girls stably sang TWICE’s song live, even showing their beautiful voice colors.
Netizens comment:

1. These girls are good at singing live

2. Chaeryeong’s voice is my taste

3. Yeji seems to have good singing skills

4. Chaeryeong’s voice matches the song well and Yuna’s voice is more charming than I thought

5. Chaeryeong is the best

6. Lia’s voice is good, the members are all good at singing live

7. Who is the main vocalist? They sing well

8. Please give them such a bright and refreshing concept …..

9. Personally, Yuna’s voice seems to suit this song the best

10. Ryujin is good at everything

Though individual preference, each audience can have a member that they feel is good at singing and is best suited to this song.  However, many people have admitted that Yeji and Chaeryeong are truly ITZY’s excellent all-rounders. Both Yeji and Chaeryeong are main dancers with attractive dance moves, leaving a strong impression on fans and netizens.  Besides, they also have good rapping and singing skills, especially their extremely stable live vocals, which is proven through the cover “Dance the Night Away” mentioned above.

In addition, also on this program, Yeji and Lia performed the song “I Know What You Did Last Summer” together, surprising the MCs with their captivating vocals.  It is known that this is the song that Yeji and Lia performed in the month-end evaluation when they were still trainees.

Source: knetizen

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