BTS’s fans use the phrase “We Love You 3000”, Iron Man’s fans are furious

On Twitter, BTS’s fans are using the hashtag #WeLoveYou3000 to talk about a member in the group. This infuriates fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On Twitter, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are constantly expressing their anger after the hastag #WeLoveYou3000 was used by ARMY (BTS’s fan community) for a member in BTS.

Specifically, ARMYs have used the hashtag #WeLoveYou3000 to congratulate after Jin’s solo MV reached 50 million views. Before that, Jin has used the phrase on stage many times.

The tweets which included the hashtag were too many that the hashtag went straight to the top trending on Twitter.

BTS’s fans use the phrase “We Love You 3000”, Iron Man’s fans are furious
BTS’s fans used the hashtag #WeLoveYou3000 to congratulate Jin’s solo MV.

This upsets fans of the MCU. To them, that phrase is seen as an appreciation for Iron Man. After “Avengers: End Game”, the character Iron Man has left the MCU after 11 years together. The famous line in that movie has been using by fans with utmost respect whenever Tony Stark is mentioned.

That is why the fact that BTS’s fans are using that phrase for their idol has infuriated many people. “That phrase belongs to Tony Stark and the MCU’s fans”, “How can the BTS’s fans use that phrase for their Korean idol?”, “I’m furious”,…are some among many comments about the situation.

The situation started to become more serious after some fans of the Korean boy group said that the phrase is under no specific ownership and would continue to use the phrase in posts relating to Jin or BTS.

Apart from that, some fans of other groups are also following by using the hashtag #WeLoveYou3000 to post their idols’ fancams.

Currently, BTS’s fans have stopped using the hashtag. However, the fan war still hasn’t stopped. MCU lovers are still criticizing BTS’s fans and the whole K-Pop fan community as well.

On SNS, many are even saying heavy things like “BTS fans are not allowed to use that catchphrase”, “BTS and their fans are too much”, “Stay away from Iron Man and MCU”…to criticize what the fandom of this Korean boy group is doing.

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