Lisa teases BLACKPINK’s comeback and opens up about the members’ bond

While BLACKPINK’s fandom is divided, the members see each other as family!

Lisa’s appearance on the radio show Zach Sang Show on November 18 is garnering much attention from fans. When asked if she is focusing on a solo project, or is working with other BLACKPINK members, Lisa revealed, “We are back together but I can’t say anything because it’s a secret”. Lisa’s answer has created a stir among fans because this is definitely a hint at BLACKPINK’s comeback!

Lisa attended Zach Sang Show on November 18 

On the show, Lisa also talked about her individual activities and group promotions.

When asked: “Do you have any dream collaboration? Your solo is thriving, and your sound obviously takes shape. There could be room for collaboration of any kind”, Lisa responded, “I haven’t thought about it yet because I just finished my solo project. I think we need to come back together as BLACKPINK because fans are waiting for us. BLINKs always ask when BLACKPINK’s comeback is gonna be”.

Lisa also revealed that the other 3 BLACKPINK members showed her much support when she made her solo debut. Rosé visited the MV filming set to cheer on Lisa, and Jennie gave Lisa advice on the outfit.


The female idol shared more about the group’s relationship, “We are like a family, like sisters. Not just members of the same group, not just a business relationship, not at all.” She also revealed that she was fully active in choosing outfits for her solo promotions after feeling uncomfortable with some costumes she wore when performing with BLACKPINK.

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Lisa’s sharing about BLACKPINK’s relationship received positive responses from OT4s (fans of all 4 members). They claim that BLACKPINK members always consider each other as sisters. Only akgaes (fan of 1 certain member) believe that the group is “agreeable only in appearance”.

  • Lisa’s answer is like a “slap in the face” to anti-fans and akgaes.
  • Idols always say that they’re close to each other while akgaes just want them to go solo.
  • BLACKPINK’s fandom is divided into factions and never stops arguing.
  • I’m looking forward to BLACKPINK’s comeback! But it’s going to be a long wait…
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