“Is this funny?” Top female idol shows straight face and responds sharply to netizen’s “smoking joke” during live broadcast

Davichi's Kang Min-kyung responded sharply to a rude joke from a netizen during a live broadcast

On May 5th, a video of Kang Min-kyung‘s live broadcast was uploaded on “X” (formerly Twitter).

The netizen who posted the video said, “I really hate jokes about female celebrities smoking. Someone made such a joke in the live broadcast comments, but Min-kyung seemed serious and said she didn’t like it, which I really appreciate.”

The video quickly gained attention, surpassing 610,000 views and 2,000 retweets in just one day.

kang min kyung

In the video, Kang Min-kyung read the comment from the netizen and sarcastically remarked, “So funny, telling me to quit smoking? Is this supposed to be funny? Comments like this aren’t funny at all.

She continued, “I often hear these kinds of jokes. Honestly… I really dislike jokes about smoking. I don’t smoke.

Upon seeing this, netizens on “X” commented, “The reason why people dislike jokes like ‘Do you smoke?’ to women is probably because it implies that it’s a big flaw if a woman smokes. They harass you expecting a response like ‘Wow, what nonsense. No, I don’t smoke’. They never expect an answer like ‘Yes, I do’. They already assume the person will hide it.

Others responded, “First of all, it’s not a funny joke, and what’s the big deal about smoking? If you don’t smoke, what will happen? If you do, what will happen? Is that supposed to be funny? It seems like an attempt to degrade someone using humor.”

The way the joke is based on the assumption that women shouldn’t smoke is really offensive“, “Smoking isn’t illegal, but I still don’t like jokes that raise suspicions” and similar sentiments were expressed.

kang min kyung

The video spread to various online communities, including “theqoo”, where netizens further criticized the joke, “You need to understand that making jokes that are only funny to you but rude to others is not cool“, “It’s so old-fashioned. And it’s not funny at all“, “This joke is based on the idea that female celebrities shouldn’t smoke, and I really dislike it“, “There are male colleagues at work who make such jokes to female employees. Low-quality humor“, “Only directed at women. Low-level joke“, “They keep making such comments to women only” and “It’s really low-class.”

Earlier, Davichi released the new song “I′ll be by your side” in March. Kang Min-kyung is currently actively communicating with fans through her YouTube channel “Kyang Ming-kyung”.

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