SBS’s official YouTube channel pinned malicious comment towards Song Ji-hyo (ft. netizens’ mixed reactions)

SBS’s YouTube channel confronted a netizen who posted malicious comments about Song Ji-hyo, who is active in the broadcast station’s variety program “Running Man.”

On November 17th, a cut from SBS’s “Running Man” broadcast was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘빽능 – 스브스 옛날 예능,’ SBS’s official YouTube channel that posts cuts from its variety shows. The video showed the members of “Running Man” playing games with the cast of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle.

Running Man Song ji-hyo malicious comments

Most Internet users who watched the pleasant video posted pleasant comments, but some did not. One netizen said in the video’s comment section, “Song Ji-hyo is boring and is she just going to make money acting like that. Resign from the show on our own. She has no tact at all.”

However, the YouTube channel’s administrator did not just ignore malicious comments. The administrator pinned the above comment at the top of the comment section and replied, “Please refrain from malicious comments.”

Running Man Song ji-hyo malicious comments

The comment fixed at the top stood out to more Internet users, and they all raised their voices, saying, “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch it,” and “You’re the tactless one swearing at the cast in the program’s comments.”

Running Man Song ji-hyo malicious comments
YouTube channel ‘빽능 – 스브스 옛날 예능’

Most netizens agreed with the action of SBS’s YouTube channel, but some questioned, “Is it right to pin malicious comments?” This is because pinning malicious comments that could have been buried in the gaps of comments result in them being easily spotted, which can actually hurt the cast’s feelings. Of course, since most Internet users are criticizing the malicious comment and cheering for Song Ji-hyo, there is a possibility that the YouTube channel administrator pinned the malicious comment in anticipation of this.

Running Man Song ji-hyo malicious comments

Song Ji-hyo, who has been a member of the cast since the beginning of “Running Man,” is still captivating viewers with her unique charms and the nickname “Mong Ji-hyo.” SBS’s “Running Man,” where Song Ji-hyo shows off her chemistry with the cast members with her easy-going yet bold sense while playing game, airs every Sunday at 5 p.m.

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