“Is She Really 15?” – NewJeans’s Hyein Captured in Paris, Stunning Visuals at LV’s Show

The youngest member of the girl group NewJeans, Hyein, was spotted in Paris, France

NewJeans’s Hyein attended LV’s fashion show in Paris, France, which took place on the 2nd local time as a guest during Paris Fashion Week. Hyein posed in an elegant style against an orange backdrop. Her intense gaze and confident posture created a completely different charm from her usual appearance on stage as NewJeans, making her seem like a real model. Especially considering she was born in 2008 and is only 15 years old, Hyein’s unique charisma left everyone in awe. Fans showered her with praise, saying “Hyein is amazing” and “She looks like a real model.”

Hyein has always been known for her exceptional fashion sense. In April, she impressed with a captivating and stylish look at an LV event held at Han River Jamsu Bridge in Seoul. Last month, she made an appearance at the 2024 S/S Seoul Fashion Week, showcasing her beauty and fashion sense simultaneously.

In July, when the girl group NewJeans appeared on IU’s YouTube channel ‘Lee Ji Geum’s Palette,’ Hyein shared an amusing anecdote. She said, “When I was younger, after school…” but then became embarrassed and laughed, saying, “I’m still in middle school, but when I use the phrase ‘when I was younger,’ many people say, ‘You’re still young now,'” causing laughter.


IU was also surprised by Hyein’s age, saying, “I debuted in 2008, and Hyein was born in 2008. I was also quite surprised at the time. People would say, ‘A middle schooler debuted?’ Is Hyein hearing those kinds of comments too?” she asked.

IU continued, “What do you think about people talking about you being ‘young’ wherever you go? You might not like it.” Hyein responded with humor, “I don’t really mind. It depends on the situation.”


Earlier during the holidays, NewJeans released a Chuseok video greeting to their fans. Hyein shared her Chuseok plans, saying, “This Chuseok, I plan to spend it at my grandparents’ house. If I were to give one tip for a fulfilling Chuseok to our fans, it would be to cook and enjoy a delicious meal with family.” She also wished everyone a happy and warm Chuseok.

NewJeans, which debuted in July last year, has made a name for themselves as a girl group leading the K-pop craze, with hit songs like “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” “Ditto,” “OMG,” and “Super Shy.”

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