Irene (Red Velvet) smart moves to fix the falling earrings during a performance

The “Goddess” of SM – Irene (Red Velvet) has done this to prevent falling earrings in a recent performance.

At Gaon’s awards ceremony on January 23, Red Velvet not only took part in the award and won the trophy that deserves a year of hard work, but the group also gave the audience a great performance with the hit “Power Up”. When the fancams from fans were uploaded, fans quickly discovered a small but noticeable scene of Irene while she performed the song with the group.

Specifically, while performing halfway, Irene took off her earrings, many guessing the reason for Irene‘s actions was because she knew that her earrings were about to fall. Therefore, in order to prevent the earring from falling to the floor and can easily be trampled on by the other members, Irene took it off. After that, she kept it in her hand and kept performing until the song ended.

Irene removed the earring while performing…
…and held it during the rest of the performance.
…and held it during the rest of the performance.
Irene‘s personal fancam performing “Power Up” at Gaon Awards January 23 (focus at 00:38) (Source: Spinel CAM)

Many netizens gave the leader a lot of compliments when she quickly prevented the incident on stage. This not only proved Irene‘s quick reaction but also the professional style during the performance, although holding something in her hand would definitely make the SM’s “goddess” uncomfortable and couldn’t perform her with her best condition.

Source: kenh14

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