International fans put up an electronic billboard in the middle of Seoul to support actor Kim Seon-ho

Amid the new phase in Kim Seon-ho’s ‘private life’ scandal, attention is drawing to the way the actor’s overseas fans are showing their support to him.

On October 26th, a netizen uploaded a video of an electronic display board for Kim Seon-ho at a large shopping mall in the middle of Seoul and wrote, “This ad will be played at COXX mall for three days.”

The released video shows many photos of actor Kim Seon-ho while he was still active. Especially, along with the pictures, a message was written on it, saying, “Kim Seon-ho is the reason for our happiness. We support Kim Seon-ho, who is always in our hearts”, followed by a credit to “Chinese fans” at the end.

Kim Seon-ho international fans

In particular, there is one reason that makes this billboard attract attention. Earlier, an advertisement video featuring Kim Seon-ho was played on this board, but the ad was taken down right after his ‘private life’ controversy broke out. However, fans decided to put another supportive billboard on the exact same place to support the actor.

On the morning of October 26th, Dispatch reported Kim Seon-ho’s scandal in a timeline to reveal “12 distorted truths” about the disclosure of A, the actor’s ex-girlfriend. This report also cited testimonies of Kim Seon-ho and A’s acquaintances. In response to Dispatch’s revelation, Kim Seon-ho‘s company, Salt Entertainment, stated, “We have nothing to say about this”.

Kim Seon-ho international fans

On the same day, staff of tvN’s drama Hometown Cha Cha Chaposted photos of Kim Seon-ho and expressed their support for him publicly. As a result, not only Korean fans but overseas fans responded enthusiastically to the staff.

Meanwhile, 3 days after being exposed to forcing his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion, Kim Seon-ho apologized through his company. Then, the girlfriend also confirmed she had already received an apology, solved their misunderstandings, and promised to delete the disclosure later.

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