Girls’ Generation’s Yoona has been in SM for so long that the staff said she is like a director now

Yoona is a long-term worker of SM Entertainment.

On May 2nd, a new video titled “It’s already been 20 years since I joined the company? CF Behind The Scenes” was posted on Girls’ Generation member and actress Yoona‘s official YouTube channel. In the video, Yoona received hair styling and makeup while eating to save time in the waiting room of the commercial shooting location. 

While getting her hair done, Yoona surprised everyone with a confession, “This is my 20th year in SM.” She added, “Isn’t it shocking? I’ve been in SM for 20 years.”

Yoona also revealed, “I joined when I was 13, in 2002”. The staff then made her burst into laughter by saying, “You’re like a director.”


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