International fan who got cancer sent BTS’s Suga a heartfelt comment that makes K-netizens cry

An international fan makes Korean ARMYs cry after leaving a heartfelt comment to Suga before his enlistment

On September 18th, a post was made on the popular Korean forum Theqoo, featuring a comment from an international ARMY.

This comment was made after BTS Suga’s enlistment schedule was announced. In the comment, the fan named Lisa Elliot shared about her fight with cancer and her love for Suga.

The comment says, “I’m fighting cancer, so if I’m not here when you get back, let’s meet again in my next life. Let’s meet early okay? My heart was yours till the end. Love, Lisa Elliot.”


The Korean translation of the comment was shared to Korean netizens, whose hearts were deeply touched.

They commented, “Lisa you have to come to their concert. You can meet him again,” “I’m crying. Lisa, I hope you can recover well. I’m praying for you. We’ll all meet again in 2025,” “So sad. I wish for a miracle”.

Currently the post has reached more than 36,000 views and more wishes are being made to Lisa.

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