iNKODE clarified the truth behind SM sending flowers to Kim Jae Joong

iNKODE Entertainment, an agency co-founded by Kim Jae Joong, has explained why SM sent flowers to their opening ceremony.

On June 15th, the opening ceremony of iNKODE Entertainment, which is co-founded by former TVXQ member Kim Jae Joong, was held.

kim jae joong

Here, fans who came to the ceremony spotted various congratulatory flower wreaths sent from artists such as G-Dragon and Super Junior Heechul, as well as from other agencies like HYBE Labels, JYP Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, and so on. 

Among those, the flower wreath sent by SM Entertainment drew huge attention, as Kim Jae Joong originally debuted under this agency, but left after a long-lasting lawsuit. This event was so ironic, it immediately became a hot topic on Korean forums.

kim jae joong

Regarding this, iNKODE explained, “An iNKODE representative, Noh Hyun Tae, is a former manager at SM Entertainment, so they sent a congratulatory wreath to our opening ceremony”.

The agency also added, “The exclusive contract lawsuit between Kim Jae Joong and SM Entertainment has ended a long time ago, so there’s no relevance (between the two of them).”

Source: K Crush

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