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“In ‘Street Woman Fighter’, there is jealousy and greed”…Mnet apologizes, “We feel deeply responsible”

Mnet apologized for the controversial remarks at the press conference of “Street Man Fighter”.

On August 26th, Mnet said through its official SNS account “mnet_dance”, “We apologize to everyone who may have felt uncomfortable due to the inappropriate remarks by some of the production crew at the press conference of ‘Street Man Fighter‘ (hereinafter referred to as ‘SMF’).”

This apology is to follow the controversial remarks at the press conference of “SMF”, which goes “In the case of female dancers, there was jealousy and greed. On the other hand, male dancers do it for loyalty and pride.” In particular, this apology is attracting more attention ias it is an apology from the Mnet channel itself.

Regarding this remark, Mnet said, “It was not in line with the core value ‘originality breaking prejudice’ pursued by Mnet and our purpose when  planning the dance program, which is ‘growth through competition and solidarity.’ We deeply feel responsible for such problematic comments,” it apologized.

We promise to actively take various measures to prevent recurrence so as not to disappoint those who love our program,” he said adding, “We will continue to think more carefully and try our best.”

Source: daum

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