“I’m SOLO” unveiled new profiles of the 11th gen’s Jung Sook and Ok Soon, 180 degrees different from before

The 11th Jung Sook and Ok Soon of “I’m SOLO” successfully and perfectly transformed their image.

ImageMakers said about Jung Sook, “‘I’m SOLO’ 11th Jung Sook has such hot passion for her expertise that she mainly focuses on her main job rather than taking care of herself.” It added that her real personality was much cuter than what was shown on broadcast.

In the profile picture released, Jung Sook is seen wearing a sky blue shirt and neatly tucking her long wavy hair to one side. Unlike her modest appearance in SBS PLUS and ENA PLAY “I’m SOLO,” Jung Sook showed a 180-degree different image this time as a sexy working woman. Her makeup and confident expressions stands out with her dark eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips color.

Ok Soon also showed off her unexpected beauty in her profile photo. She shows off her visuals, which is as good as any celebrity, with a more organized image and confident smile than when she was on “I’m SOLO.”

The 11th generation of “I’m SOLO” ended on Dec 14th. In the last episode of the 11th wave, three couples, Sang Chul and Young Sook, Young Ho and Hyun Sook, Young Chul and Soon Ja, were born. However, after the broadcast, only Young Ho and Hyun Sook continue on with an official relationship.

Source: Star News

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