“I’m in the middle”, IU’s shocking declaration towards the mint chocolate manias

Singer IU, who is widely known as the representative of the “Mint Chocolate Mania club”, suddenly declares she both likes and doesn’t like mint chocolate, shocking many mint chocolate fans. 

On Oct 22nd, Elle Korea uploaded on its Youtube channel a video titled “[Shocking] IU has left the “Mint Choco mania club”?! 8 things we are curious about IU”.


In the video, when asked “Do you like the mint choco steamed bread?”, IU said, “I somehow became the representative of the “Mint Choco Mania club”, which is why wherever I go, they always give me mint chocolate. But I’ve recently learned that, I think I only like mint chocolate ice cream.”

She then mentioned the comments she has made towards people of the “Anti-Mint-Chocolate club”, “I was hasty for saying things like ‘Why don’t you like mint chocolate?’, ‘I’m so sorry for people who don’t know the taste of mint choco’, ‘I can’t believe you don’t like mint chocolate taste’.” 


IU said, “I once saw a mint chocolate cupcake that looked so delicious at this bakery. So i bought it without any doubt and ate it at home. It tasted so much like toothpaste,” revealing that she has become a mint choco centrist.

“When people said to me that mint choco tastes like toothpaste, I would say, “How can mint chocolate taste like toothpaste, you don’t like brushing your teeth?”, but now I understand why they say it like that. Why do they make toothpaste flavored food?”, IU said.


“Then I realized I only eat mint chocolate if it’s cold, that’s when I can understand the taste. I’m a mint choco centrist now. I like it depending on the temperature.” In the past, during a QnA interview, IU once said, “How can you not see the charm of mint choco?”, expressing her love for the flavor.

However, many mint choco manias are now devastated that they have lost their representative IU. On the other hand, IU recently made her comeback with the new single “strawberry moon” on Oct 19th. She immediately took the #1 spot on digital charts like Melon, Genie, Bugs,…proving her position as the powerful digital monster.

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