“I’m So Nervous” Billlie’s Tsuki Trembles Next to Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Billlie member Tsuki revealed the reason why she was trembling beside Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.

On the recent episode of tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday’ aired on July 29th, Billlie member Tsuki appeared as a guest. The three of them formed a connection through the Netflix variety show ‘Zombieverse’.

billlie tsuki

Tsuki shared an anecdote about being deeply moved by Taeyeon, a cast member of ‘Amazing Saturday’.

Tsuki said, “I saw Girls’ Generation’s Japanese activities and that’s when I started dreaming of becoming a singer. I came to Korea when I was in elementary school.”

billlie tsuki
Billlie's Tsuki Trembles Next to Girls' Generation Taeyeon

Especially, Tsuki confessed her fan feelings for Taeyeon, “I even came to Seoul to attend Taeyeon’s solo concert. I was so nervous.” In response, Taeyeon looked warmly at Tsuki. 

Born in 2002, Tsuki is from Osaka, Japan. During her elementary school years, she nurtured her dream of becoming a K-pop singer after watching Girls’ Generation’s performance of ‘Genie’.

billlie tsuki
billlie tsuki

Later, in the second year of middle school in 2016, Tsuki moved to Korea and spent 5 years as a trainee under Mystic Story before making her debut as a member of Billlie in 2021.

Source: wikitree. 

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