YG almost forgot BLACKPINK Jisoo’s RollingStone solo cover, fans said: “It’s not the first time!”

YG Ent once again forgot BLACKPINK Jisoo.

As one of the most influential female idols today, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is loved by many audiences. However, YG Entertainment repeatedly treated her unfairly, making fans angry.

Jisoo was repeatedly “forgotten” by YG Entertainment, making fans angry. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Recently, BLACKPINK has a collaboration project with Rolling Stone magazine. In addition to the group photo, the members also have their own covers, which fans are extremely looking forward to.

However, when it was the turn of Jisoo’s personal cover to be announced, YG Entertainment delayed posting it on the official Twitter account BLACKPINKOFFICIAL. Meanwhile, posts related to Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa were updated much more quickly.

YG Entertainment was delayed in updating Jisoo’s personal cover
blackpink jisoo
The personal cover photo of Jisoo on the prestigious magazine. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Faced with the irresponsible attitude from the company’s staff, Jisoo’s fans pushed the hashtag asking YG Entertainment to take action. It was not until dawn on May 29 (KST), that the BLACKPINKOFFICIAL account uploaded the female idol’s personal cover photo.

After much criticism, on the morning of May 29, YG “hurriedly” uploaded the cover image of Jisoo. 

During BLACKPINK’s comeback with How You Like That, Jisoo was also “forgotten” by YG Entertainment. All members’ posters, except for Jisoo’s, were posted on their group’s Instagram accounts. As usual, this problem was only solved after YG Ent received a huge wave of criticism from BLACKPINK’s fans.

Jisoo’s comeback poster wasn’t posted on YG’s Instagram account (Photo: Instagram @yg_ent_official)
It wasn’t until fans made a fuss that the company took action. (Photo: Instagram @yg_ent_official)

Jisoo was also not seen in BLACKPINK’s introduction video for SBS’s Archive K. Despite being the visual of the group, the female idol almost disappeared in this video.

Jisoo confusingly disappeared in a program of a major television station. (Photo: SBS)
And once again, YG Entertainment did not take any action to protect Jisoo (Photo: MBC)

In the poster for the dance practice video for the song “Don’t Know What To Do”, Jisoo was also hidden behind Jennie while the whole song had many moments where all 4 members were visible. She was also the member who least appeared on the thumbnails for BLACKPINK’s music videos.

Jisoo is hidden behind Jennie even though the song has a lot of choreography where all 4 members can be seen. (Photo: YG Entertainment)
Jisoo didn’t appear in the thumbnails of BLACKPINK’s MVs. (Photo: YouTube BLACKPINK)
When promoting BLACKPINK’s debut, Jisoo also did not appear on YG’s Instagram account. (Photo: Instagram @fromyg)
Despite her great influence, Jisoo cannot avoid being treated unfairly by YG. (Photo: Pinterest)

Many fans of Jisoo and BLACKPINK were very upset about the problem of the female idol being treated unfairly by YG Entertainment. Above all, fans always hope that the management company will pay attention and protect their artists as hard as they could so that no one is treated unfairly.

Source: Yan

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