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“If you don’t get this, you’re an idiot”, D.O drew laughter with his wrong answer (No Math School Trip)

EXO D.O made everyone laugh hard when he wrote the wrong answer to a pop quiz.

The new broadcast of “No Math School Trip” on March 23rd showed the members struggling to get benefits in a pop quiz.


As soon as Yang Se Chan heard the question, he arrogantly said, “If you don’t know this, you’re a complete idiot”. However, he soon got flustered and lost his confidence. 

D.O (Do Kyung Soo) showed a confident expression, saying “You said we would be idiots if we don’t get this right?”, but hurriedly changed hí answer 3 seconds before the quiz ended.


The correct answer was “the amount of snowfall”. D.O previously wrote “the amount of snow”, but later changed it to “the amount of rainfall”. Seeing D.O’s reaction to his wrong answer, the production team burst into laughter.

Source: Nate

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