If this boy group comes back, will they easily reach # 1 on the digital music chart?

Voting results from Korean netizens are almost completely inclined to one side.

Recently, Kpop is witnessing the return of many famous 2nd generation boy groups after a period of hiatus because of military service.  SHINee just returned at the end of February this year with a new product “Don’t Call Me” and quickly achieved a lot of good results, reaching high rankings on digital music charts and winning a series of victories on music shows.  After SHINee, many 2nd generation male groups that such as Highlight, 2 PM are also preparing to return after all the members have returned from the military.

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Eager for the second-generation group’s comeback plans, the audience also began to have great expectations for another legendary boy group’s return, which is Big Bang.  In fact, the Big Bang members have completed their military service for a long time, but many problems have broken out that have made them almost do not have any joint activities during the past time.

The last time Big Bang released a music product was in 2018 with the single “Flower Road”, while the last time the group promoted on weekly music shows was in early 2017 with the song “Last Dance”.  Since then, there have been a lot of big controversies regarding the members’ private lives, and Big Bang was also unable to keep the original lineup when Seungri officially left YG in 2019.

Flower Road – BIGBANG

Since the last time Big Bang released a new song so far, many big changes have occurred on the chart system in Korea.  Most notably, Melon removed the real-time and replaced it with the 24HITS chart.  Following this change, idol groups have struggled even more to find their way into the top 100 Melon each time they make a comeback.  Only a handful of artists have managed to reach No. 1 on Korea’s largest music streaming site.

Facing this fact, Korean netizens recently posed a question: Will Big Bang be able to reach No. 1 on Melon 24HITS if they come back now? Although a series of big scandals previously caused Korean netizens to have a bad view of Big Bang, when discussing their musical achievements, the majority of the audience believes that the YG boy group will do this.  Specifically, 1,048 people who voted up agreed that if they made a comeback, Big Bang would definitely climb to No. 1 on Melon 24HITS, while only 331 people who clicked down said that achieving high rankings at this moment is extremely difficult.

– “Surely 10,000,000,000%, they will get 1st place. What’s wrong with those who clicked vote down?”

 – “Looks like I have read an article like this before too … Why are so many people interested in whether Big Bang is at # 1 or not?”

– “Wait but why are non-fans curious about whether Big Bang can win 1st place or not ㅡ ㅡ If you look down on the group like this and then when Big Bang fans speak up, you tell the fans to overly defend the group. It’s crazy. “

– “Do you really think that this group of addicts and Burning Sun can return with a full lineup?”

– “If G-Dragon or Taeyang releases a solo song, they will be able to reach # 1…”

– “For V.I.P, we just need Big Bang to come back. Please don’t put any more pressure on them in this way ..”

– “Big Bang is a group that has a lot of scandals, but what is the reason they are constantly being mentioned like this? They are a group that exists today because of their crazy talent, isn’t the results too obvious .. ㅋㅋ “

– “The criminal group”

– “Big Bang may have a lot of scandals but in the end, they are still “Big Bang”. They are a group with extremely high popularity so they will easily win 1st place”

On the other hand, G-Dragon has revealed that he’s been working on Big Bang’s album. During his interview with DAZED Korea, G-Dragon stated that he was preparing for BIGBANG’s new album and the news immediately sent the Kpop world into a frenzy of excitement.

Finally, the news of BIGBANG’s album and the eventual return has come straight from the leader’s mouth, fans have gone into eruptions of joy and speculations are rife about the exact comeback date. 

Are you excited about BIGBANG’s comeback? Will they reach 1st place as Knets had expected? Please share your opinion!

Source: Allkpop

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