Idols show off their confidence with “bare face” mode 

These idols are confident about their natural looks.

Onew (SHINee) recently caused a stir when he went to the shooting for Music Bank with only his bare face, no makeup. He boasted an entirely different image. While the markers of aging are apparent, fans believe he is still youthful and bright as ever. 

The idol’s makeup look 

Jennie (BLACKPINK) once went straight to the encore stage after BLACKPINK received a win with “How You Like That” at Inkigayo. Nonetheless, she exuded confidence and finished her parts perfectly. 

Jennie looked gorgeous in the official stage performance
The idol boasted a more intimate look with the encore stage 

Hwasa (MAMAMOO) is often known for her sexy image. However, the moment she takes off her makeup, the singer becomes much more friendly and approachable. 

Hwasa in her sexy image 

Yeji (ITZY) is famous for her cat-like face. With makeup, the idol appears fierce and somewhat intimidating. However, once she reveals her bare face, the idol is much more approachable. 

Two polar-opposite images of ITZY Yeji 

Other idols in their bare faces take fans by surprise: 

Chinese Weibo was sent into a frenzy when a photo of Lisa (BLACKPINK) without makeup was revealed online. The related topic accumulated 22 million reads 
Irene (Red Velvet) was stunning even with a barely visible makeup look 
BTS V’s bare-face closeup 
JungKook (BTS) captures attention with his image without makeup 
Sehun (EXO) confidently shows off his bare face 

Source: K14

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