Idol fans pushed safety guards and fences away in chaos at the long-awaited offline concert

The situation was chaotic as some fans stormed into the fences and safety staff at an offline concert.

The “2021 SBS Super Concert in Daegu” was held at the Daegu Stadium on Oct 31st. More than 500 heroes amidst the pandemic, including medical staff, firefighter, and police, were invited to the concert, while ordinary citizens could make free reservations in advance through ticketing websites.

2021 SBS Super Concert in Daegu

The total audience was limited to 1500 to ease the concentration number of people. However, after the concert, many articles on online communities criticized that many audiences had made a fuss in front of the fences. The situation could have been dangerous. The safety guards, who were standing one by one section of the fence, seemed unable to withstand a wave of fans at once.

2021 SBS Super Concert in Daegu

The netizens, who saw this, speculated, “Based on the color of the lightstick, they are NCT fans”. Many also criticized those fans’ actions with responses such as “I understand the situation, but this was just too thoughtless.” Daegu City said earlier that they will maintain safe distances between audiences by separating viewing positions and routes, prohibiting actions that might cause saliva drops during the performance, and strictly controlling viewing from designated seats.

However, netizens that came to the concert said, “Many people did not follow those guidelines properly.”

2021 SBS Super Concert in Daegu


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