“I can’t believe it was this much…” A rookie girl group’s live-singing ability has been certified through MR-removed

The live performance of Min Hee-jin’s girl group New Jeans is receiving favorable reviews online.

On August 19th, an MR-removed video of New Jeans’ “Hype Boy” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “ReMiyaa – MR Removed”.

In the video, Min-ji, Danielle, Ha-ni, Hae-in, and Hye-in performed a great live performance, getting no key wrong despite the intense choreography.

Netizens who watched the video commented, “This is obviously better than lip-syncing to hide their skills,” “Even though their voice is a bit unstable due to the intense choreography, they still sing hard from beginning to end,” “It’s cool how they sing this well throughout the performance,” and “Isn’t this too good for a rookie group?”

New Jeans is a rookie girl group made by Min Hee-jin, consisting of Min-ji, Danielle, Ha-ni, Hae-in, and Hye-in. The group has attracted netizens’ attention as soon as they debuted.

According to their agency ADOR on August 15th, the initial sales of New Jeans’ debut album “New Jeans” (record sales for the first week after an album’s release) were 311,271, which is the highest record among girl group debut albums.

Source: wikitree

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