Knets suddenly defended G-Dragon after the male idol was attacked by Jennie’s fans

Korean netizens defended G-Dragon after a part of Jennie’s international fans attacked the male idol 

Although YG Entertainment claimed to be unable to confirm the information that G-Dragon and Jennie were dating, both idols did not speak up, but the couple was still the focus of attention.  However, many people objected to their relationship.  After Jennie was criticized, fans had to ask YG to protect her, now the leader of BIGBANG has become the target.

On G-Dragon’s Instagram, in addition to the positive comments, some crazy international fans of Jennie flooded in and left vulgar icons as well as malicious comments about the male idol born in 1988. They asked him to stay away from Jennie and said that the BLACKPINK member deserves a better person.

Although G-Dragon in particular and BIGBANG are generally hated by part of Koreans after a series of scandals, this time, he is defended by Korean netizens.  They think that GD’s reputation has long surpassed that of Jennie, so he doesn’t need to take advantage of anyone.  Love is a matter of two people, so netizens hope that crazy fans don’t attack both G-Dragon and Jennie

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