From aespa to ITZY, July is truly a battle for the title “Summer Queen”

In July, many female idols will return to join the “Summer Queen” battle.

First, LOONA started the game by announcing their comeback as a whole group on June 20th. In July, strong names such as aespa, Hyolyn, WJSN, and ITZY will return one after another.

aespa will make a comeback with their second mini album “Girls” on July 8th. 


Since their debut with “Black Mamba” in 2020, aespa has gained global popularity and public recognition through three consecutive hits with the single “Next Level” and their first mini-album “Savage.” Amid rising expectations regarding aespa’s unique worldview and music, attention is focused on what concept will the use to capture the hearts of fans this summer.

Singer Hyolyn also confirmed her comeback in July.

According to her agency Bridge on Jun 3rd, Hyolyn confirmed the release of a new album in July and is preparing for her comeback. 


Hyolyn, the original “Summer Queen,” recently reached her heyday again by showing an unrivaled performance through Mnet’s entertainment program “Queendom 2.” What new charm will Hyolyn show when she returns to the summer music scene after about two years? Many music lovers are excited after the news of Hyolyn’s comeback is announced.

“Concept Master” WJSN also announced their comeback in July.

Starship Entertainment announced the comeback of WJSN on its official SNS at noon on Jun 3rd. WJSN, who will return after a year and four months, appeared on Mnet’s entertainment program “Queendom 2” and won the final on Jun 2nd with their eye-catching performances. 


Exy of WJSN said, “We are grateful to UJUNG (WJSN fandom name) and global K-Pop fans who have been watching us WJSN. We will repay you with a better performance, so please look forward to our upcoming comeback.”

ITZY will make a comeback with their new mini-album “CHECKMATE” at 1 p.m. (0 p.m. Eastern time in the U.S.) on July 15th.

ITZY, which debuted in February 2019 with global attention, have established themselves as a strong K-pop girl group by achieving their first  win on music broadcast in the shortest time among girl group, which is 11 days after their debut.


In particular, ITZY have swept over various major music charts with the title song “ICY” of their mini-album “GUESS WHO” in July 2019 and the title song “Not Shy” of the mini-album “Not Shy” in August 2020. The news of ITZY’s comeback is also receiving cheers from fans.

Who will be the final winner among these queens of summer music who will make a comeback in July? Amid the excitement of music listeners, a fierce competition for the top spots on music charts is also expected in July this year.

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