Suzy captivated the hearts of fans with her pure and classic beauty at the Dior Fashion Show

Singer-actress Suzy turned the atmosphere at the Dior Fashion Show upside down with her stunning appearance.

The “Dior 2022 Fall Women’s Collection”, the first fashion show in Korea, was held at Ewha Womans University in Daehyeon-dong, Seoul today (April 30th).

Many Korean top stars, including Kim Yu-na, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Jung Hae-in, Nam Joo-hyuk, Jay Park, Ahn Hyo-seop, No:ze, etc. attended the event.

In particular, Suzy proved her unrivaled presence by appearing at the photo zone wearing a long trench coat.

The actress tied her hair neatly to show off her overflowing classic beauty.

Her neatly tied hairstyle helped highlight the lines of her head shape, making Suzy’s distinctive and impressive facial features stand out even more.

Suzy shook fans’ hearts by boasting her charming face with long eyelashes, deep eyes and high nose.

Even in the unedited photos taken by reporters, the actress still looked perfect with her flawless skin without wrinkles.

Netizens gave enthusiastic responses to Suzy’s appearance, saying, “What kind of vibe is that?”, “She looks extremely and overwhelmingly beautiful. I’m speechless”, “Suzy once again proves her goddess beauty”, etc.

Meanwhile, the French luxury fashion brand Dior showed the history of Dior and nonstop changes in the dazzling modern fashion world through the collection of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s visual narratives at this fashion show.

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