Miyeon and Soyeon are the key to (G)-IDLE’s success 

The Kpop girl group (G)-IDLE is making waves across the net with their girl crush concept and power music. Despite having lost an important member, (G)-IDLE still blows fans away with their outstanding performances. Part of this may be thanks to Soyeon’s leadership and Miyeon’s eye-catching visuals. 

Miyeon and Soyeon are a duo full of beauty and talent. 

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Recently, Miyeon and Soyeon once again became a hot topic due to their performance with K/DA. They were fresh out of debut at the time, with only 6 months of experience, but had brought a whole feast of vocal and dance, side by side with virtual idols. 

gi dle miyeon 30042022 1
Miyeon stood out on the stage with her gorgeous appearance. 
gi dle soyeon 30042022 1
Meanwhile, Soyeon’s heated rap fired up the audience. 

Watching this, netizens can’t help but shower the duo with praise, gushing about how they can dance professionally while never missing a beat with their live vocals. The duo just totally owned the stage despite their inexperience, which greatly surprised people. 

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Only 6 months after debut, yet Miyeon and Soyeon completely blew viewers away. 

With her gorgeous facial visuals and a super high nose bridge, Miyeon has stolen the hearts of fans since day one. She is also a great vocalist, proving that there’s no talentless visuals in the group. In addition, Miyeon can MC, act, and model like true professionals. 

gi dle miyeon 30042022 2
Miyeon is an all-rounder with multiple talents, including singing, dancing, and many more. 
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The idol used to completely swoon the audience when she hosted the music show Mcountdown. 

Most recently, prior to her joining Cube Entertainment, Miyeon used to be under YG, and thus has received training from two top entertainment agencies of the Korean showbiz. She has sure  been through a lot of challenges to become the star she is today. 

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Miyeon was once rumored to be a possible member of BLACKPINK.

Recently, Miyeon has attracted great attention with her solo album “MY”, where she treated the audience to a whole visual feast. The MV for her title song “Drive” was also highly praised for both its music and cinematography, 

gi dle miyeon 30042022 4
Miyeon brought a whole visual feast through 4 different yet gorgeous concepts. 
gi dle miyeon 30042022 5
Her solo MV received a lot of praise. 

In contrast to Miyeon, Soyeon is famous for her strong and rebellious character, even before debut.  The idol is super multi-talented, and can sing, dance, rap, as well as produce songs. She once attended the famous survival shows “Unpretty Rapstar” and “Produce 101”, and has gained a great following from both. 

gi dle soyeon 30042022 2
Soyeon has drawn fans to her lane since before debut with her overwhelming talents. 

As the leader of (G)-IDLE, Soyeon is even more admirable. She has led the group well through multiple hardships and challenges, stayed strong, and even resurrected the group after (G)-IDLE lost Soo Jin – an important member. 

gi dle soyeon 30042022 4
Soyeon is a talented and admirable leader that manages her group well. 

In addition, the female idol also left the public flabbergasted as a mentor on “My Teenage Girl”. Despite being the youngest and less experienced among the hosts, Soyeon completed every task of her in a professional manner, at the same time managed to be frank and direct with the contestants, without making them lose their morale. 

gi dle soyeon 30042022 5
Soyeon drew great attention when she appeared as a mentor of “My Teenage Girl”.

Her passion and sincerity towards the contestants made a good impression in the heart of the public. 

gi dle miyeon soyeon 30042022 3
Miyeon and Soyeon are two key elements that led to the success of their group (G)-IDLE. 

It can be said that without Miyeon and Soyeon, (G)-IDLE won’t be able to reach the heights they are today. The two have risen to fame and earned the hearts of many through raw talent and determination. 

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