Hyun Bin wore couple item with Son Ye Jin at the airport, home to his wife after 4 days in Italy

After 4 days of working in Italy, Hyun Bin rushed back home to Korea while wearing couple items with his wife Son Ye Jin.

On July 28th, Hyun Bin arrived in Korea after 4 days of working in Italy. At the Incheon International Airport, the actor made an impressive appearance with his tall and masculine physique, as well as outstanding visuals that still came through despite the face mask. 

However, some fans discovered that Hyun Bin was not wearing his wedding ring, and instead wore a couple bracelet with Son Ye Jin. In addition, they also suspected that Hyun Bin cut his business trip short to soon reunite with his pregnant wife. 

hyun bin
At the airport, Hyun Bin made an impressive appearance with his outstanding and masculine physique
hyun bin
The actor was wearing a couple bracelet with his wife, Son Ye Jin
hyun bin son ye jin
Fans suspected that Hyun Bin cut his trip short to soon go back to his pregnant wife 

Other than their ring ceremony at their wedding, it seems that both Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin never wear their wedding rings. Instead, they adorn the same bracelet on their left hands – which was spotted when the couple headed to their honeymoon in the US. While the reason behind their choice to not wear rings remains unknown, they don’t need the item to show their affection. 

hyun bin son ye jin
Son Ye Jin also donned a one-of-a-kind necklace designed by Hyun Bin himself, produced by a brand the actor represented.
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