HYBE’s CEO Min Hee-jin was selected in the list of “Women That Have Made an Impact in Global Entertainment” by the U.S media Variety

CEO Min Hee-jin, who leads HYBE’s label “ADOR (All Doors One Room)”, was chosen on the list of influential women in the world by the U.S entertainment media Variety.

HYBE’s CEO Min Hee-jin was named on the list of “Women That Have Made an Impact in Global Entertainment” released by Variety on March 2nd.

Variety is a historic American pop culture media founded in 1905 that selects most influential women in the entertainment industry worldwide to celebrate International Women’s Day every year.

Min Hee-jin

As for the reason for choosing CEO Min Hee-jin, Variety emphasized her contribution as a pioneer in redefining the value of the artists’ brand within the KPOP industry, saying, “She was credited with reinventing the concept of “concepts”, and a new era of girl groups with Girls’ Generation, then SHINee and EXO. ADOR is preparing to launch a new girl group in 2022.”

After joining HYBE in 2019, CEO Min Hee-jin has completed new CI development and new building space branding as a Chief Business Officer (CBO). HYBE’s new CI won the Main Award in the Brand & Communication category at the 2021 Red Dot Design Awards. 

Min Hee-jin

In November last year, she was appointed as the CEO of ADOR, a new label under HYBE. ADOR is scheduled to release a rookie girl group, which has been discussed as “Min Hee-jin’s girl group”, within 2022, raising high expectations. Min Hee-jin will be in charge of the entire production process of the new girl group project, which consists of all rookie trainees.

Regarding the news of her being selected as CEO, Min Hee-jin shared, “Thank you”, and expressed her ambition, “I’m focusing on planning and producing ADOR’s new girl group. In the 3rd quarter of this year, we will introduce a unique girl group that can present new tastes and images to fans around the world”.

Min Hee-jin

In addition to CEO Min Hee-jin, Variety also named actress Youn Yuh-jung, actresses Jung Ho-yeon and Kim Joo-ryeong of “Squid Game” and CEO Kim Ji-yeon of Siren Pictures – the production company of this drama, as well as actresses Kate Winslet, Penélope Cruz, Olivia Colman, etc.

The list also includes NBC’s famous talk show host Kelly Clarkson, Reese Witherspoon – a Hollywood actress and the CEO of “Hello Sunshine”, a media company selected as one of the Top 100 companies in the Times magazine, and Princess Meghan Markle, who announced her new move as a content creator.

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