HYBE “As we terminated the exclusive contract with Kim Ga-ram, additional comments are not appropriate”

After former LE SSERAFIM member Kim Ga-ram opened up about her scandal for the first time since leaving the group, her former agency HYBE expressed their position.

On August 11th, a HYBE official told Xports News, “As we terminated the exclusive contract with Kim Ga-ram, we have nothing to say because additional comments are not appropriate.”

Kim Ga-ram’s school violence-related statement, which was uploaded on the personal Instagram of a person claiming to be her friend, spread through online communities, drawing attention.


Kim Ga-ram wrote, “I worked hard for my dream, so it was true that I was afraid that my past actions might break my dream. However, as the days went by, I got more scared of a lot of criticism directed at me. I’ve never hit anyone or used violence on anyone. I’ve never been forced to transfer. I’ve never drunk or smoked. I’ve never bullied or outcasted anyone.”


In addition, a document summarizing the situation at the time of school violence was attached, attracting more attention from netizens.

Meanwhile, HYBE and Source Music announced the termination of their exclusive contract with Kim Ga-ram and her withdrawal from LE SSERAFIM through an official statement on July 20th.

Source: xportsnews

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