Kim Garam revealed full records of her school bullying case, explained the truth behind her fight with alleged “victim”

Former LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam unveiled the truth behind her school violence controversy.

On August 11th, Kim Garam, who recently left HYBE girl group LE SSERAFIM, recently spoke up for herself and unveiled the full school bullying case that got her a level 5 disciplinary protocol.

Kim Ga-ram

According to details released by Kim Garam, the School Violence Countermeasures Committee was opened at 3:30pm on June 4th, 2018. Members of the committee include 7 members, the vice principal, life guidance manager, school police officer, and 4 parents. They are requested to keep the contents of the meeting “confidential”. 

Kim Ga-ram

The school bullying case involved Female Student 1, Kim Garam, and Yoo Eun Seo, and was noted to occur in an elementary school and SNS chatroom. 

Yoo Eun Seo transferred schools on May 23rd, 2018 because of back biting, swearing, and intimidation. 

The full notes of this “school bullying” record is as follows: 

1. Regarding Yoo Eun Seo’s gossip about her friends 

  •  In the early days of entering middle school, Yoo Eun Seo. About 10 female students, including Kim Ga-ram, were close to each other, but the relationship fell apart due to Yoo Eun Seo gossiping about her friends 
  • Eight people, including Kim Garam, were angry at Yoo Eun Seo and confronted her by swearing at an apartment for about three hours. They said “fuck“, “flicking bitch” (but Female Student 2 and Kim Ga-ram didn’t swear at her, but just said, “flicking speechless“. Four girls did not curse, but talked for about three hours. Yoo Eun Seo said she would do well without talking behind their backs, so she decided to make up, solve it and move on. 
  • Soon after, Yoo Eun Seo’s close male friends, A and B who were attending ‘N’ middle school sent a Facebook message to Female Student 1. The message said “Fucking bitch, who do you think you are? Don’t touch Yoo Eun Seo!” 
  • Female Student 1 took a screenshot of the messages between her and Yoo Eun Seo’s close male friends A and B and sent it to her friends’ chatroom (Yoo Eun Seo and Kim Garam had already reconciled privately, so she was still in the chatroom). 
  • After receiving the absurd text messages, Female Student 1 sent a Facebook message to Yoo Eun Seo which said “you’re so fucking stupid” “just go to the countryside” “get lost” “you’re disgusting” 
  • Kim Garam asked Yoo Eun Seo to leave the Facebook message room to reduce each other’s discomfort after Yoo Eun Seo apologized in the chatroom. 
  • Yoo Eun Seo left the chatroom after telling her friends that she was grateful for the time they had together. 
  • But even after this, Yoo Eunseo’s close male friend A, continued to curse at Female Student 1. In a Facebook message, Kim Ga-ram asked Yoo Eun Seo’s male friend, A, to come out immediately, saying, “Where are you?” in order to protest for the girl who was being bullied by him.
  • Yoo Eun Seo’s male friends A and B, as well as Student C asked Kim Garam “Where are you? We want to meet you.” 
  • Kim Garam, Female Student wants to solve the problems of the Facebook messages by Yoo Eun Seo’s close male friends A and B. Yoo Eun Seo also said “Come to a nearby elementary school.” because it wouldn’t work if they only spoke to Student C. 
  • At the time, there were many students because there was a soccer game between “G” middle school and “nearby” middle school in the nearby elementary school. 
  • Kim Garam, a senior middle school student, Female student 1, Female student 2, Female student 3, Male Student 1, Male Student 2 vs Yoo Eun Seo was with 6-7 people, including Yoo Eun Seo’s male friend, male student A, male student B, and 3rd grade older female and male. 
  • The boys at “N” Middle School, where Yoo Eun Seo’s male friend attends, showed off their strength to the 3rd grade older females and pushed the boy at “G” Middle School, where Kim Garam attended, and began to argue, saying “Why did you do that?” 
  • Yoo Eun Seo was at a distance but tried to stop the boys at “N” Middle School, where Yoo Eun Seo’s male friends attended, but they did not listen and continued to verbally argue.
  • Female Student 1 said to Yoo Eun Seo, “We gave you a warning, you said you wouldn’t do it and we made up with each other, but why can’t you fix this? This situation happened because of you. What are you going to do with this situation?” 
  • At that time, Kim Garam, who didn’t understand why this happened despite Yoo Eun Seo promising not to gossip and even making up with her, said, “Go away to Busan, this is ridiculous.” 
  • Female Student 3 said, “You’re fucking doing too much.” 
  • Kim Garam was crying because she was scared after being threatened by the older males. In the meantime, Kim Garam’s friend, female student 2, told Kim Garam’s older cousin, who had already graduated from school, and Kim Garam’s cousin called one of the threatening parties to pass over the phone and told them not to threaten and apologize to the children. 
  • At the same time, a middle school boy in the neighborhood was watching them. 
  • He also called the “N” school’s 3rd grade older female and males. They apologized to Kim Garam and other students at “G” Middle School and left the school. 
  • Yoo Eun Seo decided to stop being friends with her friends such as Kim Ga-ram. Then she left the elementary school with her male friends, A and B, and eventually stopped being friends with them.
kim ga ram

2. An incident in which Yoo Eun Seo stole Female Student 1’s Facebook account and uploaded a photo of a Female Student 3 wearing only underwear.

  • Yoo Eun Seo, who still had bad feelings the next day after they decided not to be friends at a nearby elementary school, changed Female Student l’s Facebook profile picture to a picture of Female Student 3 wearing only underwear after stealing Female Student l’s account, as if she had posted it herself (Yoo Eun Seo claimed that Female Student 1 had taken the selfie which Female Student 3, who was changing her clothes in the bathroom, had appeared in only her underwear and uploaded it.) 
  • At first, Yoo Eun Seo argued that she did not post it, but later made a post admitting that she posted it. 
  • The distraught Female Student 3 cried and contacted her friends, including Kim Ga-ram in a Facebook message room. Kim Ga-ram, who felt sorry for her friend, called Yoo Eun Seo to “come out right away.” Yoo Eun Seo did not pick up. In response, she continued to send “answer the phone” via Facebook for her friend, but there was still no answer, so she sent abusive text messages, “If you don’t pick up the phone, I will kill you.” “I need to talk to your mom. Tell me her phone number.” 
  • When Kim Garam asked Yoo Eun Seo to come out to a nearby elementary school by 5 o’clock in a Facebook message, she came out. 
  • Victim Female Student 1, whose account was stolen by Yoo Eun Seo, protested, “What are you going to do with my Facebook account?” 
  • It is written that Kim Garam told Yoo Eun Seo to take off her clothes, too, but Kim Ga-ram argued, “Do you want me to post the same undressed picture of you like you did with Female Student 3?” so there is a slight difference in the statement. 
  • Female Student 1, whose Facebook account was stolen by Yoo Eun Seo, said, “Do you want me to take pictures and record like you did?” 
  • When Yoo Eun Seo said she would post an apology, Victim Student 1 whose Facebook account was stolen told Yoo Eun Seo not to misunderstand the fact that the image that she posted on her profile picture was not hers. She also told her to write a 20 line apology on facebook, apologizing to Victim Student 3 for the underwear picture. 
  • Female students 4, 5 and 6 even stopped her, saying that it seemed too much. 
  • Yoo Eun Seo claimed that the Victim Student 1, who was robbed of her Facebook account, and Kim Garam said, “Please go to Busan instead of attending this middle school,” but Kim Garam and Victim Student 1, who’s Facebook account was stolen said that they only said, “Go to Busan,” so there is a slight difference in their statements. 
  • Female Student 4 said “Too much” to Yoo Eun Seo, who causes problems every time. 
  • Yoo Eun Seo claims that Kim Garam told her to write a 20 line apology within an hour and post it publicly, but Kim Garam did not say this and insisted that she “write an apology quickly” so that others no longer suffer from unnecessary misunderstandings or damage, which makes a difference in their statements. 
  • Yoo Eun Seo wrote an apology and posted it on Facebook that night. 
  • Yoo Eun Seo transferred due to a series of incidents, such as stealing someone else’s Facebook account and uploading pictures of her friend wearing only underwear. 

3. Posts made by Yoo Eun Seo after she transferred to another school 

  • Even after transferring, Yoo Eun Seo tells her senior in 3rd grade that Female Student 1 cursed at her, so the 3rd grade senior called Female Student 1 and told her to say things straight to her face, or else she would kill her. 
  • Since Yoo Eunseo was still talking behind their backs even after transferring, Kim Garam received an anonymous question on an app called Asked, saying, “What about Yoo Eunseo?” 
  • When asked, Kim Garam answered, “Yeah, well, she’s really annoying.” 
  • Female Student 3, who was upset by Yoo Eun Seo’s underwear photo, said in her KakaoTalk status message, “Is your head an ornament with no function? Hope your life remains miserable.” 
  • Yoo Eun Seo kept refusing to admit her fault and asked the other school children, “What did I do wrong? Fuck.” 
  • In addition, Yoo Eun Seo told the children of “N’ middle school that she was bullied and had to transfer, claiming that the Kim Garam’s group keep doing iljin stuffs to her 
  • When these rumors became known, Female Student 1, whose Facebook account was stolen by Yoo Eun Seo, opened a group Facebook chat room, invited Yoo Eun Seo, and posted a message in the chatroom saying, “Did you transfer because you were scared? There’s no man who can accept your face. Don’t appear in front of us!” 
  • Kim Garam posted a message in the chatroom saying, “you look like a kabuki, you dog, your face is so funny.”. Female Student 3, whose picture was taken in only her underwear and uploaded by Yoo Eun Seo said, “The bastard is next to me, see you at the police station.” 
  • Yoo Eun Seo invited her close 2nd grade seniors to the Facebook chat room where only her friends were, and Female Student 1 asked why she let her older friends join and deleted the chat room. 
kim ga ram

The conclusion of the School Violence Countermeasures Committee

Case number no. 2018-3

“We would like to announce about countermeasures taken in accordance with article 16 and 17 of the School Bullying Prevention and Countermeasure Legislation as follows:

Perpetrator: Kim Garam – first year, class 3

Victim: (Name, covered, said to be Yoo Eun Seo) 

According to several witnesses from a nearby elementary school, from late April to May 2018, Kim Garam called Yoo Eun Seo out and cursed at her twice, before continuing to curse at her in private messages and ask applications. 

  • Is there any differences between testimonies by the students and parents in the record? No 
  • Are there any additional claims from the students and parents? No 

Perpetrator: I’m sorry, I will continue to try my best at school so as not to repeat this in the future. Mom and dad, I’m sorry 

Mother of perpetrator: I just think that she has been studying hard since this happened. I will try to teach her better

Father of perpetrator: They were friends at first, and I’m sorry that such a think happen

As the victim was not present, her mother relayed her thoughts: My daughter was severely bullied by these kids, and I hope that this is a one-time case. 

Countermeasures taken 

Perpetrator (Kim Garam): Level 5 disciplinary measure, 6 hours of special education, her parents were also subjected to 5 hours of special education 

Victim (Yoo Eun Seo): Mental consultation in accordance with Article 16

It was also said that if against the countermeasures, the perpetrator, victim, or their guardians can demand a re-trial within 15 days, in accordance with Article 18-3. For public schools, appeal is allowed within 180 days, while for private schools, parents can pursue a civil lawsuit against the countermeasure decision. 

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