Former child actress Kim Hyang Gi creates a buzz with her comeback in historical drama ”Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist”

Kim Hyang Gi, a former child star, has returned to the small screen. 

Kim Hyang Gi is currently grabbing attention with her return with the historical drama Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist following a 2-year hiatus. Despite not being strongly promoted, “Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist” still recorded an impressive rating after two aired episodes. Specifically, the viewership for the first two episodes reached 5.1%, an applauding achievement for the first week of a series broadcasted on cable television. 

the joseon psychiatrist

In the series, Kim Hyang Gi plays a widow named Seo Eun Woo. This is the first time a young actress has taken on a widow role. It is also a rare occasion when Kim Hyang Gi acts in a period drama. With this role, viewers meet a different Kim Hyang Gi as she shows her maturity and experience, moving past the coming-of-age, pure and innocent image that she was known for in the past.

What secures viewers while watching “Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist” is Kim Hyang Gi’s excellent performance. Starting out as a child actress, Hyang Gi had her first-ever role at 6 years old and was regarded as a child prodigy. Although she did not enroll in any training schools, Kim Hyang Gi was able to conquer and take away the tears of millions of audiences with her instinctive acting. 

Hearty Paws
“Hearty Paws” was Hyang Gi’s first ever movie that moved viewers to tears. 

Born in 2000, Hyang Gi began acting in 2006 and until now, the actress has continuously proved her place in the heart of the audience. While Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun mainly play in dramas, Kim Hyang Gi chooses the path of a movie star. She joined the lineup for the two installments of the big-budget fantasy movie franchise “Along with the Gods” at the age of 17 and 18. These two installments, along with other great works, helped Kim Hyang Gi to become the youngest star in history with the total ticket sold over 50 millions when she was just a 19-year-old. 

Along With The Gods
“Along with the Gods”

At the age of 22, Kim Hyang Gi once again reinvents herself and affirms her place in “Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist”. The audience hopes that this drama will help Kim Hyang Gi make another mark in her career, boosting her fame as a K-drama star. With a positive beginning of the series, the viewers’ hope may soon become true. 

Source: tvN, Mydramalist

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