How did Lisa (BLACK PINK) react when she was called “the Instagram queen” of Kpop?

The maknae couldn’t be happier and had some pretty cute reactions when she heard the news.

First time stepping into their “America dream”, BLACK PINK had a chance to appear on several American talk shows. “Zach Sang Show” was one of the most interesting radios for the girls to express their feelings on their latest comeback and share stories of each member’s past.

Lisa couldn’t hide her happiness and put her hands together to thank the host

It was recently reported that Lisa has become the Kpop idol with the highest number of followers on Instagram, surpassing many infamous names like Chanyeol (EXO) and G-Dragon (Big Bang). It was such an impressive record in such a short time which gained the host’s attention and led to many questions towards the youngest of BLACK PINK.

The host gave Lisa his congratulation: “I heard that Lisa has become the Kpop artist with most followers on Instagram, congratulations!” The girl seemed quite shy about this unbelievable record and shared: “Honestly I can’t believe it. I was like: “What’s going on?… Oh! no way, no way”.

Lisa even reacted her cute reaction after hearing that she was now the "queen of Instagram" of Kbiz
Lisa even reacted her cute reaction after hearing that she was now the “queen of Instagram” of Kbiz

After that, the Host asked why she chose YG even though she’s a foreigner: “As far as I know, you’re the first foreigner in YG, is that true? So how did they get you and how did you know about YG?

Lisa shared: “Actually when I was in Thailand, I usually listened to Kpop, I had a lot of interest in Kpop artists and told my mom that I want to become one one day. And you know what, luckily YG opened up an audition in Thailand, and I participated to finally sitting here”.

Because of her admiration for the K-Pop industry, she had nurtured her dream of being an idol

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