BTS V placed 1st place in various Japan’s popularity polls

V, a member of BTS, has been sweeping first place in numerous Japanese popularity poll for months on end. 

From October 24 to October 31, V earned 20,035 votes in the “K-Pop Male Idol Ranking” poll, which was conducted by the popular Japanese idol ranking site “Nehan” and maintained the top position for 83 weeks in a row.

bts v Japan's popularity polls

On Bihan, a website that mainly deals with information about K-dramas and movies, V took the top spot for 79 weeks in a row with 15,586 votes in the “Twenties Korean Actors” category.

In Japan, V is supported by a wide fanbase, and enjoys a huge popularity that borders at a syndrome-like level. 

On Kpop Juice, another site that deals with the popularity of Kpop stars in Japan, V also maintains a long-term No. 1 streak and shows off strong fan power.

bts v Japan's popularity polls

In particular, the male idol topped the daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time ranking for “Kpop Idol Voting Ranking TOP100” on this site, nailing an “all kill” record.”

In the “Handsome KPop Idol General Election” poll, which was held on another ranking site K-board, V also placed first in the weekly, monthly, and annual rankings.

Particularly, V topped the list with more than 90% of the votes, highlighting his title of Japan’s beloved “flower handsome man of confidence”.


V, who has a gorgeous and uniquely handsome appearance, a prince-like aura as if in a fairy tale, as well as a cute and lovely personality and unexpected charms, is gaining explosive popularity among both men and women in Japan.

On YouTube, V is particularly popular among young men in Japan as a wannabe star. A lot of uploaded videos can be seen expressing admiration for V’s style, saying “I want to be like Taetae”, and receiving a lot of support.

bts v thumbnail

The popularity of V in Japan is also represented when Tsutaya, Japan’s largest bookstore, turned its stores into a “V gallery” by artistically displaying the male idol’s 6 covers on fashion magazine Vogue.

bts v vogue

It is a rare scene to see “Vogue Korea”, which is not a Japanese book, receiving special treatment by decorating the front of a large Japanese bookstore. This was hailed as a “crazy display”, attracting huge numbers of fans who take photos with the stores, and staff members in charge of the planned exhibition even express their gratitude through SNS. 

Source: daum

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