Hong Kong Media Unveils GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Previous Relationship?

Hong Kong media has brought to light a previously undisclosed chapter of Jackson Wang’s romantic history.

The revelation comes from a recent show featuring guest Katrina, who candidly shared details of her past dating experience with a fellow Hong Kong native.

The mysterious suitor in question happens to share the same age as Katrina, who is presently 29 years old. Notably, this individual boasts an impressive following of approximately 30 million fans on Instagram.

wang jackson

During the show, Katrina disclosed that her romantic involvement with this Hong Kong male singer began during a phase when he was honing his skills as a trainee in Korea. Their communication during this period was primarily facilitated through webcams, bridging the distance between the two.

Upon the male celebrity’s return to Hong Kong, the two further cemented their relationship by indulging in casual dates and capturing their memories in photographs. A touching gesture followed as the male celebrity penned heartfelt messages to Katrina in Korean.

However, the plot took an unexpected twist after the male celebrity’s official debut. He made the surprising decision to unfollow Katrina on Instagram and abruptly ended the relationship.

wang jackson

Hong Kong media outlets have been quick to hypothesize that the male singer mentioned in Katrina’s narrative could indeed be Jackson Wang, drawing parallels between the known details and the account shared by the guest. Despite the seeming alignment, skeptics argue that it’s unlikely for two individuals from Hong Kong to correspond in Korean, questioning the authenticity of the claims.

The news of this past relationship had, in fact, surfaced approximately two months ago. However, it only recently skyrocketed to the top spot on Weibo Hot Search.

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