Netizens call V (BTS) a “perfect handsome superhero”

The moment of him wearing an eye mask for the game reminds fans of the characters from Marvel.

In the latest episode of RUN – a reality show of BTS, V was in the center of attention. In this episode, BTS was divided into 2 teams to play the VR games. The image of V in blue hair wearing the VR eye mask impressed even the BTS members. Jungkook complimented V as “the world most handsome man” while leader RM called V “the Wind Prince”.

After the episode was aired, this moment of V immediately went viral on SNS. Fans are in awe by this close-up scene of V which reminds them of the superheroes from Marvel. Netizens even give him a new nickname, call him the “perfect handsome superhero”.

Some comments from fans: “Imagine seeing V acting in a superhero movie”; “His blue hair makes him even more ethereal”; “The GIF is like a capture from a superhero movie”;…

The staffs from the game arcade where BTS recorded the episode has also shared their feeling after seeing V in real life: “The videos cannot capture the true visual of V. This is the first time ever in my life to see someone with such a perfect nose, it’s like the Everest mountain. Climbing on that nose is enough to make a normal human struggling to breathe. Wow, how can someone be that handsome? The word “handsome” is not enough to describe him. It feels like the world most talented sculptors were all gathered and threatened that if they couldn’t make a handsome face, they wouldn’t be able to leave…And as a result, the sculptors have created V’s face.”

Netizens call V (BTS) a “perfect handsome superhero”
Photos to prove V’s superpower…
Netizens call V (BTS) a “perfect handsome superhero”
…are being shared virally on SNS.

Recently, V is nominated for the World’s 100 Most Handsome Faces 2019 of TC Candler. He was the #1 of this list in 2017, as well as the top of many other visual charts. Fans even call him the “CG flower boy” due to his perfect visual which is like it was made by computer graphics. Even though he is now a world star, V expressed that he still felt shy when people kept on staring at his face every time he appeared in public.

Source: iOne

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