Hip-hop rookie group D-Crunch dreams to become “the 2nd BTS”

A new Hip-hop group has reportedly debuted, and its name is D-Crunch.

In the afternoon of August 6th, D-Crunch (Jeong Seung, Hyun Oh, Chan Young, Hyun Wook, Hyun Ho, O.V, Dylan, Hyun Woo and Min Hyuk) reportedly held a showcase to celebrate the release of their first single ” 0806

The debut single “0806” marks the debut date of  D-CRUNCH and contains three songs including the title song “Palace.”

Hip-hop rookie group D-Crunch dreams to become "the 2nd BTS"

The title song “Palace” is a song that contains the goal, perseverance, and hope of D-CRUNCH, a group that run together in the midst of fear and trembling.

So what did the name of the team mean? Member Dylan said, “D-Crunch is a diamond crunch. We want to be a team with performances and musical influences strong enough to break down the diamond, the strongest material.

Hip-hop rookie group D-Crunch dreams to become "the 2nd BTS"

There is a thing that is special about the D-Crunch. There are members with similar names such as Hyun Oh, Hyun Wook, Hyun Ho and Hyun Woo. In response, D-Crunch said, “All the similar names are real names of our members. We tried to use stage names because they might be confusing. But we eventually decided to just go with them because we were wondering if the “Hyuns” would develop into a team color.

It is revealed that G.I.G (O.V, Hyun Wook and Hyun Oh), the group’s composer team, participated in composing and writing lyrics for their debut song.

Hip-hop rookie group D-Crunch dreams to become "the 2nd BTS"

Regarding their role models, D-Crunch chose BTS. “I think we have not become artists who are respected by everyone yet. That’s why I want to be like them,Hyun Woo said, “I personally like J-Hope sonbaenim the most. He is really charismatic on stage, but I like the way he always enjoys it.

About future goals, they said, ” We’ve thought about modifiers, and we want to be called diadols,  which is a modifier for idol groups whose member stand together.” When asked what are their goals for the future, the group humbly said, “Although there are many things like “Billboard Hot 100,” we want to get used up slowly, with some small specific goals. Our goal this time is for our album to make into the charts.

On the other hand, rookie boy group D-Crunch have just made their debut, but have already received many mixed reactions from netizens:

“But… their concept is really similar to BTS….”

D-Crunch reminds me of BTS when they said their role model is BIGBANG and they promised to work very hard. Back then, they didn’t get much attention tho… haha. As an ARMY, I will support D-Crunch. Work hard and I hope you’ll become popular soon.”

“There’s no other BTS… But if you look at their concept only, there’s BTS’s vibe though…”

“Now that BTS becomes someone else’s dream and role model like this, of course that one will want to be like them and follow them in whatever they do. I hope that they will become a group that has their own style and color, just like how BTS has grown.”

“I’m so proud that my idols are well respected by the newbies”

“They have so much iKON’s feels too…”

“Just because they’re a hip-hop group, it means they’re the 2nd BTS? Really? There’s only one BTS in this world, and no one can put “the second” before their name.  Although BTS is their role model, they can’t have a concept that is just too similar to BTS like that. You’re saying that now BTS is well respected, but weren’t they respected in the old days? That’s how I think as an ARMY. If BTS is their role model, just stop at the point where you admire them only.”

“Have your own personality, don’t copy it!”

Source: MKSport

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