Hilarious incidents during idols’ livestream 

As these events take place live, there are incidents that idols cannot predict, drawing laughter for the candidness.  

Dean’s stair-falling incident 


In a livestream, Dean was holding his camera to talk with fans while walking down the stairs. It seems that the idol missed a step and tumbled down the stairs. Although fans could not witness the incident, the shaking camera angle along with a sudden scream told them something went wrong. Luckily, Dean was not seriously injured.

DPR IAN banging his head on a the door of bathroom stall 


One time, DPR IAN was trying to do a TikTok trend and swinging from side to side. At the time, he was recording himself in the mirror. However, as he did the motion stronger, the singer hit his head on the door of a bathroom stall nearby. While the male star appeared fine, the banging sound could surely wake up a whole village. 

Filming device fell into ISA’s (StayC) birthday cake 


In August last year, ISA (StayC) was in the middle of her birthday livestream when the device she used for filming fell into her birthday cake. After a while struggling to take the device out, she managed to pull it out and said playfully that perhaps the camera wanted a bite of the cake as well. Such an eventful birthday for ISA. 

Moonbin (ASTRO) and Yoojung (Meki Weki) accidentally spoiled an unreleased song 


In 2021, Moonbin (ASTRO) and Yoojung (Weki Meki) did a live broadcast to perform for fans. While they were setting up the camera, an unreleased song was suddenly on. The idols and staff were in full panic mode and ran to turn off the music while screaming their lungs out in a desperate attempt to overpower the song on play. The idols apologized and ended the live soon after. 

Desk fell down during (G)I-DLE’s live 


In 2021, when Miyeon was reading the comments of fans reminding Yuqi of the promise to shave her head if the group charted first place on Billboard, the desk on which she placed the camera suddenly fell down. It was assumed that while fellow (G)I-DLE Shuhua got too excited, she leaned against the table, leading to its fall. 

RM (BTS) and the three candles


On his birthday two years ago, RM did a livestream to celebrate the day with his fans. He went live with a cake and three candles. He quickly lit the candles and spun the cake for one round in excitement. However, the three candles were blown out by the wind before the rapper could. His perplexed face after the incident went viral as a meme afterwards. 

Source: Billboard 

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