A famous AfreecaTV BJ delivered his realistic review about meeting Jung Hae-in in real life at BLACKPINK concert

During a live broadcast on Afreeca TV on October 17th, Kim Min-kyo talked about his experience at the BLACKPINK concert in Seoul. 

In particular, Kim Min-kyo, who ran into Jung Hae-in at the concert that day, shared, “I wasn’t surprised when I saw BLACKPINK, but I was surprised to see Jung Hae-in in real life. He has the smallest head among men I’ve ever seen.”

kim min kyo

Then he showed his admiration, saying, “It’s ridiculous. He’s taller than I thought. His face is too small and his body is bigger than I thought.”

In addition, Kim Min-kyo drew attention by revealing a photo taken with Jung Hae-in.

In the photo, Jung Hae-in, who was wearing a hat, stared at the camera and made a thumbs-up pose, while Kim Min-kyo posed with his mouth protruding towards Jung Hae-in as if asking for a kiss, causing laughter.

jung hae in

Kim Min-kyo then added, “I was really surprised. He’s the most handsome person I’ve ever seen in my life. 100% natural visual. Jung Hae-in didn’t know that I was posing like that. The manager who took the photo seemed to notice and smiled, thinking.”

Previously, BLACKPINK held 2 nights of their world tour “BORN PINK” in Seoul on October 15th and 16th.

Jung Hae-in is known to have visited the concert hall to support BLACKPINK Jisoo, who co-starred with him in the JTBC drama “Snowdrop”, which ended in January of this year.

jung hae in

Meanwhile, Kim Min-kyo is gaining popularity by hosting content related to the game “League of Legends” on Afreeca TV. He currently has about 550,000 YouTube subscribers and about 290,000 subscribers on Afreeca TV.

Source: Wikitree

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