Kim So Yeon smiled brightly after filming the scene of Cheon Seo Jin’s falling, proving that no one can hate this girl

The behind-the-scene cuts of Kim So Yeon from the filming set of “Penthouse 3” have just been released.

On the evening of August 24, actress Kim So Yeon posted several photos on her Instagram.

This time, she posted the proof shot of a scene from the movie and photos of her playing around in the filming site of SBS’s Friday drama “Penthouse 3”.

In particular, the proof shot showed that Kim So Yeon was shooting the scene in which she was hanging herself in the air and her hand seized the chandelier. Despite being covered in blood after falling, she still smiled brightly.

Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon received much love for her role of Cheon Seo Jin in the Penthouse series. ‘Penthouse 3’ is a drama that depicts the revenge story of the people living the No.1 expensive penthouse with their desire of being No.1 that cannot be fulfilled.

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