‘Nevertheless’ Han So Hee will reportedly date Lee Do Hyun in her upcoming drama?

When ‘Nevertheless’ – the film that has made Han So Hee’s name hotter than ever – has not been over yet, some rumors about her next role are spread on social networks.

Currently, there are rumors on social networking forums that Lee Do Hyun, Han So Hee, and Moon Ga Young have received an invitation to participate in a drama project based on the famous Korean webtoon The Girl Downstairs.  The actors have yet to make an announcement about this rumor.

The film story follows Joon as he moves into his new apartment on his first day of college.  However, Joon does not expect that Duna, an extremely beautiful and charming former star, is living downstairs in his apartment.  At first, Joon tries to avoid her, but he becomes more and more attracted to her mysterious life.

Recently, both Lee Do Hyun, Han So Hee, and Moon Ga Young have achieved certain successes in their acting careers.  Possessing an impressive acting style and outstanding appearance, Lee Do Hyun quickly received the audience’s recognition through works such as “18 Again”, “Sweet Home”, “Youth Of May”, etc.

Han So Hee is definitely the hottest name in recent days thanks to her outstanding appearance and hot scenes with Song Kang in Nevertheless.  As for the “school goddess” Moon Ga Young, she also had an impressive comeback in early 2021 alongside Cha Eun Woo in the drama True Beauty.

Han So Hee
Moon Ga Young

Source: K14

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