Jisoo talks about “Snowdrop”: “So lucky to have Jung Hae-in as my first acting partner”

Actress Jisoo confessed about having the opportunity to appear in “Snowdrop” and working together with Jung Hae-in.

In JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop” (written by Yoo Hyun-mi/ directed by Cho Hyun-tak/ produced by Drama House Studio, JTBC Studio), Jisoo plays the role of Eun Young-ro, a freshman in the Department of English literature at Hosu Women’s University. Regarding the opportunity to appear in this drama, Jisoo picked Youngro as an “attractive character”. 

Jisoo said, “I found the character Youngro that I played was very attractive. She’s just 20 years old, but I could feel her power to attract others. Although she’s a little clumsy, the way she grows up slowly was cool”. Then, Jisoo talked about the similarity between Youngro and herself, saying, “I also try to give positive energy to people around and make everyone feel comfortable and happy.”

Jisoo talks about “Snowdrop”

Youngro is a lively girl and a mood maker of Room 207 at Hosu Women’s University Dormitory. She fell in love with Suho at first sight after meeting him with her roommates. Therefore, netizens have raised high expectations for Jisoo, who has a lovely charm, to portray this character. Jisoo shared, “I tried to think and act like Youngro during the filming”, adding, “What I remembered the most was I discussed with director Cho Hyun-tak about Youngro a lot. I kept thinking about what Suho’s existence means to Youngro.”

Jisoo continued to share stories of working with senior and junior actors. She said, “I felt like living in a real dormitory while filming because we were really close to each other”, adding, “Especially, it was fun to gather with roommates to practice, to play around and get to know more about each other before the broadcast.”

Jisoo talks about “Snowdrop”

Set in Seoul in 1987, “Snowdrop” tells the story of a desperate love that goes against the times between Su-ho, a prestigious university student who suddenly jumps into a women university’s dormitory wounded in blood, and Young-ro, who hides and takes care of him amidst the surveillance and extreme situation.

Jisoo talks about “Snowdrop”

Jisoo talked about working with Jung Hae-in, “It was a great luck for me to have Jung Hae-in as my first acting partner. I was reassured that he monitored from the first shoot to the last shoot, listened to my concerns or stories about the role and led me well.I think his biggest charm is that he’s a good listener and he sincerely helps other people solve their problems.”

Jisoo talks about “Snowdrop”

Snowdrop” has become a hot topic due to the reunion of director Jo Hyun-tak and writer Yoo Hyun-mi, who caused a syndrome in Korea with “SKY Castle”. The work’s cast lineup includes powerful actors such as Jung Hae-in, Yoo In-na, Jang Seung-jo, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Hye-yoon and Jung Yoo-jin.

When asked about BLACKPINK members’ reactions, Jisoo replied, “They said that they would definitely watch the live broadcast. Since the members cheered me on, I gained strength and worked harder.” Then, she chose “the beautiful visual beauty completed by director Jo Hyun-tak and numerous staff, the story of various characters and the music that was played in the right place at the right time” as worth-watching points.

Jisoo talks about “Snowdrop”

Regarding changes after filming “Snowdrop“, Jisoo shared, “It felt like I had a wider range of various emotions that I didn’t usually feel. As Young-ro became older, I also seemed to have grown one step further. I will never forget this experience of working together with many people to complete it.”

JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop“, which will showcase political conspiracy and espionage warfare in the background of the 1987 presidential election as well as a romance that blossomed in the midst of it, is scheduled to premiere at 10:30 PM on December 18th.

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