Sulli responded to fans’ concerns about calling Lee Sungmin Sungmin-sii: “Did you feel so unfair?”

Sulli expressed her displeasure with the fans’ complaints.

On May 22, Sulli posted some captured pictures on Instagram and wrote, “Huh? Was it so unfair? I see, it was so unfair.”

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A netizen once posted an article on the online community “dcinside”, revealing Sully’s strong fandom.

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The person wrote, “I present a letter of plea out of my concerned mind. I want to make sure that no one will make the same mistakes again.

He also said, “No matter how close you are, shouldn’t you refrain from using expressions that can cause misunderstanding on social media?”

Previously, Sulli posted a picture of her and actor Lee Sungmin on Instagram with the caption “With Sungmin-ssi the other day.”

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When criticized by the netizens, Sulli said, “I decided to be a friend on the first day I met Euisung-ssi, we decided to call each other like that.”

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She went on to say, “And Sungmin-ssi, too. We are friends and colleagues who care about each other. I know what I’m doing. Why are you getting mad.”

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