Han So Hee confessed that she gained 10kg by eating Choco Pie

Han So Hee honestly confessed how she gained 10kg successfully.

During the Open Talk held on the outdoor stage of the Busan Cinema Center, Haeundae, Busan on October 8th, Han So Hee said she gained 10kg in order to do the action scenes in the Netflix series “My Name” (written by Kim Ba Da/ directed by Kim Jin Min)

han so hee

“My Name” will be released on Netflix on October 15th. The drama tells about the harsh truth and revenge that Ji Woo (Han So Hee), who entered the mafia organization to find the culprit who killed her father, faces after joining the police force under a new name.

han so hee

Han So Hee made everyone surprised by saying, “I gained 10kg while preparing for the action scenes in ‘My Name’”.

Then she drew attention by her honest confession, “Park Hee Sun sunbae told me to gain 10kg of muscles, but I gained fat as well. I like Choco Pie. Not only did I work out a lot, but I also ate a lot of Choco Pie and gained 10 kg.”

Moreover, Han So Hee raised the viewers’ expectations by saying, “I felt pressured as I needed a lot of strength to lead the drama from the beginning to the end. I have spent a long time working hard to prepare for the action scenes.”

Source: Daeum

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