“Is this marriage right?” Lee Da Hae – Se7en, there’s already a crisis (Same Bed, Different Dreams 2)

Se7en and Lee Da Hae, who became husband and wife after dating for 8 years, drew attention by confessing their conflict.

On the May 15th broadcast of SBS’ “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny” (hereinafter referred to as “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2”), Lee Da Hae and Se7en’s wedding was heralded to be revealed for the first time.


In the preview, the scene of Lee Da Hae and Se7en’s wedding was revealed. Se7en appeared with his trademark Heelys. Lee Da Hae boasted the visual of a new bride in a fancy dress. The two enjoyed the happiness of being newlyweds after 8 years of dating with a kiss on the cheek.


However, the two made remarks that seemed to be in conflict in an interview with the production team, arousing curiosity.

Lee Da Hae said, “We always bump into each other because of that. There was a crisis while preparing for the wedding. Since we’re so different from each other, when we bump into each other, we do it hard.” Se7en replied, “Are there people who suit each other in all aspects? There must be differences, right?


Lee Da Hae said, “I think changing even one thing would be good, but people don’t change.” Se7en opposed, “It’s not easy.” In the end, Lee Da Hae made a shocking remark, “I wonder if this marriage is right.

Source: Nate

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