Han Ji Min Reveals Unexpected Friendships with Suzy and Volleyball Player Kim Yeon Koung

Han Ji Min opens up about her connections with Suzy and Kim Yeon Koung, sharing surprising anecdotes and interactions.

On August 24th, an episode of ‘MMTG’ features a video with Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and EXO Suho’s guest appearance. 

In the video, they introduced Han Ji Min’s MBTI personality type to be INFP. When Han Ji Min’s connections were mentioned, host JaeJae reenacted Han Ji Min’s surprised reaction from a past live session where she asked, “Suzy followed me?” and teased her.

Later on, Han Ji Min proudly talked about her friendship with Suzy by leaving comments on Suzy’s posts. Han Ji Min mentioned, “I happened to sit together with Suzy once before. We even went to a karaoke room together. At that time, while I was with the ‘The Age of Shadows’ team, Shin Sung Rok and I were sharing a spot. Sung Rok was filming ‘Vagabond’ with Suzy. We got in touch, and when I asked if Suzy could come, she said, ‘That’s great!’ So Suzy came along, and we all went to the karaoke room.” 

She added, “I was just watching her. I commented, ‘She’s pretty and sings well too.’ I even called a taxi for Suzy.

Han Ji Min also revealed her friendship with volleyball player Kim Yeon Koung. Han Ji Min proudly boasted to Lee Min Ki and Suho, “Yeon Koung even sent me a coffee truck.” Suho, feeling envious, commented, “She’s generous.

Han Ji Min recalled, “Fans informed Yeon Koung that I was following her.

When JaeJae said, “You’re a total insider,” Han Ji Min replied, “Not really. I was just quietly following her alone.” She jokingly added, “I’m shy,” and burst into laughter.

Source: Nate

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