7 famous K-drama characters we would find annoying in real life

We would probably not be fans of these K-drama characters if they actually existed in real life.

Personalities of K-drama characters can both be realistic and “exaggerated” sometimes. The following characters might be well loved by the viewers, but if they were real-life people, there is a high chance we will not be able to stand them. 

Goo Jun Pyo (Boys Over Flowers)

Boys Over Flowers is a massive hit that came out in the late 2000s. However, watching the iconic male lead Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) in 2022 can be a bothersome experience, because of how self-centered, toxic and aggressive he is. The way he thinks he has the right to bully and make the lives of weak students or the female lead miserable only because he has all the money and power is unacceptable.

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

Goo Jun Pyo is also the type of boyfriend that girls should avoid in real life. Aside from being rich and handsome, Goo Jun Pyo’s personality is actually no boyfriend material like we used to think. 

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

Go Moon Young (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay)

Go Moon Young of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a fan favorite despite her “insane” and eccentric personality, but this is only because she is a fictional character. She would get in trouble in no time if she existed in real life.

Go Moon Young is undeniably pretty, talented and wealthy, but her bad habits and outrageous actions are way too many, such as touching others without permission, “accidentally” taking any item just because she likes it or ready to raise her voice and physically hurt anyone who doesn’t please her. Go Moon Young’s attitude is considered badass in the drama, but in real life, is there anyone who actually wants to be close to such a person?

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

Kim Joo Won (Secret Garden)

Needless to say, Hyun Bin delivered a superb performance as Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden, but this is probably one of the least likable characters he has ever taken on. Kim Joo Won’s narcissism can be hilarious to watch at times, but whenever he crosses the line and makes fun of the female lead, it can be quite irritating. 

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

Secret Garden is unarguably an iconic series of Korean TV, but the male lead Kim Joo Won sure is problematic. 

Jo Yi Seo (Itaewon Class)

The personality and actions of Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) in Itaewon Class draw many mixed reactions. While many viewers feel for her because she suffers from an ​​antisocial personality disorder, others think that Jo Yi Seo is too rude and obnoxious. 

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

If someone is the embodiment of Jo Yi Seo in real life, we are also likely to have a love-hate relationship with them.  

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

Hong Doo Sik (Hometown Cha Cha Cha)

Hong Doo Sik (Kim Seon Ho) of Hometown Cha Cha Cha is undoubtedly a loveable character because of his kind and funny personality, but there are still things about him that can make viewers uncomfortable. Like when he acts all cold and a bit rude when the female lead asks if she’s seen her shoes, or when he forces her to give someone a ride without telling her beforehand or gets judgy about other people’s thoughts and the ways they live. 

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

Seo Ji Wan (Nevertheless)

Instead of constantly complaining about the “toxic” relationship of the main couple, audiences of Nevertheless should take a step back to witness the same thing going on of the supporting one – Seo Ji Wan (Yoon Seo Ah) and Yoon Sol (Lee Ho Jung).

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

Seo Ji Wan is the main cause of this judgement – the girl who always tries to act innocent and angelic. It is fine for her to hang out with friends of opposite sex, but she would definitely rage at Yoon Sol if she did the same thing. Besides, the fact that Yoon Sol is hesitant to go study abroad because of Ji Wan becomes the red flag of this character. 

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

Despite the good-looking appearance, in reality, Ji Wan’s obstinate attitude would not gain her much love from others. 

Eun Young Ro (Snowdrop)

It is normal to have a crush on boys, but in the case of Eun Young Ro (Jisoo), where it made herself miserable, it would not be advisable. The fact that Eun Young Ro saved the male lead when they first met in the dormitory was because she fell for him more than just wanting to help out. 

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

Though helping him so much, she was forced to act as a shield and almost died. However, it seems that Eun Young Ro was so blinded in love that she still grew fond of the male lead who is a North Korean spy. 

7 famous annoying K-Drama characters

In fact, these kinds of characters do exist in reality. However, they would definitely become such a burden to others. Eun Young Ro or Jo Yi Seo may be acceptable, but it is probably not the same for Goo Jun Pyo or Kim Joo Won. 

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